Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tropical Storm Debbie and annual beach pics

Tropical Storm Debbie kind of put a kink in our vacation, until we made the 
best of her and walked down to the beach.

this was one of those moments where I thought it was so funny at the time...
you know mock swimming by the no swimming sign... yeah its not all that funny

Sierra trying to not blow away

even Rob came down to play... okay he came down looking for his
immature wife who ran off to play on the beach in a Tropical Storm :)

Sad reality moment when Sierra found the first of many turtle eggs
that fell victim to Tropical Storm Debbie
Maggie was not too happy that her beach days were ruined

but the storm passed and we did our annual Wilson and Boone beach pictures. Here is my crew.

myself, my dad and my sister Sam

Wilson's and Boone's

the end 

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