Monday, July 11, 2011

New House Landscape

As most of you know, we bought our house sight unseen, kind of crazy but thats how it goes in the Army. We received orders to come to Columbia, Missouri. I researched schools and narrowed it down and we looked at 4 and 5 bedroom homes in our price range within that school district and bought the only one.

This was the photo of the front of the house that I fell in love with

We decided although I liked the height in the first picture we didn't love the trees, they had not been kept well and had an odd color bloom that really clashed with the door, the bushes were all but dead. Then we decided we didn't like the orange tint to the door. So we had the door painted a deeper red, pulled up all the old landscape and planted box woods and some flowers and then incorporated our white bench into it.

We still have some more work to do. The upper floor flower boxes need something in them, the side needs some more edging to the beds and more mulch is needed to fill in some areas, we hope to be done with all of that before the big housewarming party on the 6th of August.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We has a very fun fourth. Well Sierra being 16 in a new town with only her family to hang with has a different version, but even still, we had fun. We went up to the University since a certain Professor we hang with has a parking spot where you can see the Mizzou Stadium (Zou Stadium) where the fireworks display was going off.

We went and saw Rob's office and the kids got to play on the astroturf college soccer field, then we went back to the car for fireworks. We did end up having to walk a block down for a better view but now we have it all mapped out for next year.

Hanging out at Dad's new office

as if I haven't said "Lilly, don't touch that"

Off to the soccer field

no idea what the curtsy was all about

the focus

the throw

the pose

the catch

Parker showing Bray and Lilly the hot air balloon

picture of Sierra getting a picture of the hot air balloon

Sierra found a seat


Monday, July 4, 2011

the kids

Much to my delight Columbia Missouri actually is very family oriented. Everyone who has been here told me but I had a hard time believing we would enjoy it. Admittedly this is because I am very partial to the south. Being in the south means I am closer to family, to the beach and to the familiar southern amenities (sweet tea, pecan pie, fresh peaches and being able to identify the insects). Not to mention a few things I learned about Missouri ahead of time were that the big crop item is soybean (blah) and the smallest town has an under 150 population (just strange).

We have found a few places that serve sweet tea (Sierra and I have asked everywhere we have gone). Everyone we have met has been very friendly. We have found a lake the resembles a beach, a different lake with a dog park, several play grounds and splash pad play areas and all kinds of great food (however this Kansas City BBQ pales in comparison to North Carolina BBQ). So in the midst of all of this unpacking, painting and landscaping (pics will come later) we have actually been keeping the kids busy and happy and we are all learning to enjoy Missouri.

backyard obstacle course action

thats some wind

run Lilly run!

Maggie making herself at home

I found a minute to read

we found a pet store, this guy ALMOST came home with us.

our first Mid West storm, 60 mph winds and hail. 


keeping busy in our room while the downstairs was being painted

she looks like she might...

sneeze on me!!

backyard neighbor

The Boone kids in a lake of all things, whoda thunk people swim in these! Not to mention a fellow southerner thought my kids were swimming in the subdivisions entrance pond. 

Lilly loves Stephens Lake

Sierra was thrilled to find shells

proof I was in a lake, a lake is a big stretch for a Florida girl

kids playing in the street

Go Lilly Go

or not...

Bray loves his new helmet

so does Parker

Maggie relaxing
and some rest time