Thursday, March 29, 2012

The mid west has given me a greater respect for all things Spring. Growing up in the south the seasons don't have nearly as much change to them. We were so happy to see a day of 75 and sunny! Parker wasn't around on this weekend, he went to the lake with friends and had a great time finishing and hanging out.

Lilly was so happy to wear shorts

Brayden playing in the street :)

Sierra showing the little kids an earthworm

Maggie Goldendoodle and Sierra relaxing

Thanks Lilly :) achoo

Lilly singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... or a version of it anyway

Broken Foot

So I was outside with Maggie and I took a step at the same time she changed directions and low and behold my foot is broken in 3 places. Rob and the kids have been amazing and even Maggie has made up for it with all her attention.

We have been spending so much time together that Maggie the Goldendoodle has taken up reading