Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day

We have a found a LOVE for snow days!
Well the little ones anyway, Sierra stayed in bed.

Brayden mastering the perfect snowball

Parker a tad excited!

Lilly was amazed at the magic of a snow ball!

and figured out what to do with it

Where's the feet?

umm, yumm?

not sure what the pot ever did to him but he got it!

sneak attack!

snow rainbow?

Lilly got nailed, she took it like a big girl

got blanket?

everyone cozy and warm.. until we go back out anyway...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Craft Day

So its cold and cloudy and my kids (and I) are kind of over it. They didn't want to go outside so I offered up a craft day. This was greeted with hoops and hollers because I am not the 'most likely to craft' mom. Parker, Brayden and Lilly started listing all the random things they wanted to make. The list included (but was in no means limited to) a lasso, a snowman that was able to move, flowers and melting things (at which point I offered up crayons and tried to ignore terrible visions of boys lighting things on fire.

I have to say we managed to fulfill all requirements and took pictures since Dad isn't home... okay the snowman is on paper and doesn't walk and the first lasso proved a little too good and was taken away, but all and all it was a success.

Lets melt some stuff... well crayons... and safely 

and a flower

Some just couldn't wait for the melted crayons to dry, 
a dipped spoon made her day, or more like 30 minutes.

I am strongly considering signing this one up for the rodeo
this is lasso number 2, a more manageable option (that wasn't quite as noose like) 

This is Lilly's stay still and smile face...

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

The kids were so surprised to get new PJs... okay Brayden and Lilly were

The boys
 The girls... and yes we sit boys vs girls alot apparently

 and one of four has to throw a fit, I mean thats just the odds

Sierra sporting her awesome new footed PJs while Maggie relaxes with her

 Santa was a happy costumer, we made everything coated in chocolate this year... and its all gone

Christmas morning
 even Maggie was surprised at all the loot
 the girls were not as awake as the boys

 Country just dance was a hit