Saturday, March 26, 2011

Relay for Dogs!!

Maggie, our 9 month old goldendoodle, had a very busy day.

I am on my way to the Relay for Dogs, its a local fundraiser for our Relay for Life Team

The kids and Maggie got to met so many good dogs.

even a Dane that looked like a cow

we met a pink poodle

Mom listened to some rules

Maggie wasn't sweatin it
Maggie was so good

I was very happy with how well Maggie did

took a rest
got some Bruster's doggie ice cream

met some more cool dogs

even made some new doodle friends
Both girls passed out on the way home

Parker and Maggie being super cutie pies
then even Maggie passed out

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a busy few weeks

So alot has been going on and I have captured some of it here and there.

Sierra got behind the wheel. She is by no means driving
but moving forward is a good thing.

Sierra and I. She went to see Jeff Dunham and I had dinner plans. 

ofcourse we have been to the playground a few times

and enjoying southern spring weather

Lilly got sick and Maggie became a nurse

Lilly repaid her the next day with a pretend manicure

Maggie tolerated said manicure

St. Patrick's Day came... with bright red rashes for Bray and Lil

Bray did a Boone project for school

 Then we had some Bball time

Lilly got a new carseat

and Sierra ate icecream, okay Sierra always eats icecream...

Taryn and I at Bunco

Ft Benning Bunco Babes, this is a fun group of ladies!

Soccer Season.. Bray is the 3rd from the left.
He can't decide if being on a pink team is terribly silly or just terrible...

Parker as goalie

Parker loves soccer and improves every season

Sierra has a cool new FaceBook profile picture, pretty cool huh?!

and Maggie has started fundraising for the local
Relay for Life team for the American Cancer Society.