Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a busy few weeks

So alot has been going on and I have captured some of it here and there.

Sierra got behind the wheel. She is by no means driving
but moving forward is a good thing.

Sierra and I. She went to see Jeff Dunham and I had dinner plans. 

ofcourse we have been to the playground a few times

and enjoying southern spring weather

Lilly got sick and Maggie became a nurse

Lilly repaid her the next day with a pretend manicure

Maggie tolerated said manicure

St. Patrick's Day came... with bright red rashes for Bray and Lil

Bray did a Boone project for school

 Then we had some Bball time

Lilly got a new carseat

and Sierra ate icecream, okay Sierra always eats icecream...

Taryn and I at Bunco

Ft Benning Bunco Babes, this is a fun group of ladies!

Soccer Season.. Bray is the 3rd from the left.
He can't decide if being on a pink team is terribly silly or just terrible...

Parker as goalie

Parker loves soccer and improves every season

Sierra has a cool new FaceBook profile picture, pretty cool huh?!

and Maggie has started fundraising for the local
Relay for Life team for the American Cancer Society.

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