Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maggie keeping a watchful eye on the bus stop
 Lilly loving on Bitty, who has been renamed 'Baby Sister'

Lilly and I getting ready for the big Mizzou Army ROTC tailgate

Cheering in Dads office

and outside...

Parker hanging out

Sierra and Alex


I love this guy!

cutie pies

Mizzou AF/ARMY ROTC Joint Drill Team

Poor Maggie couldn't go but still showed her support

Sunday, September 11, 2011


All signed up and ready to run

Bray was bummed that I told him he needed to wait this 5k out,
he swears he'll be ready for the next one

The Boone 9/11/11
5k Crew

the cheering crowd

Lilly pointing out a bird on top of Crowder Hall

see mommy

A little at home play time

I get this look alot...

a lip gloss break

Go Brayden!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Girls!!

First was Sierra's birthday on the 7th

note the fabulous shoes

note the fabulous shoe night light that matches her black and red room, good job Nana

After some gift opening it was off to Upper Crust for some birthday dinner and dessert!

Parker is a Red Velvet
Brayden a Chocolate Peanut Buetter

Lilly a Birthday Cake

and Miss Sierra a Raspberry Cake
 Then Lilly's Birthday was the 8th

Lilly getting some Maggie love

My new favorite pic

My Little Pony Craziness