Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We has a very fun fourth. Well Sierra being 16 in a new town with only her family to hang with has a different version, but even still, we had fun. We went up to the University since a certain Professor we hang with has a parking spot where you can see the Mizzou Stadium (Zou Stadium) where the fireworks display was going off.

We went and saw Rob's office and the kids got to play on the astroturf college soccer field, then we went back to the car for fireworks. We did end up having to walk a block down for a better view but now we have it all mapped out for next year.

Hanging out at Dad's new office

as if I haven't said "Lilly, don't touch that"

Off to the soccer field

no idea what the curtsy was all about

the focus

the throw

the pose

the catch

Parker showing Bray and Lilly the hot air balloon

picture of Sierra getting a picture of the hot air balloon

Sierra found a seat


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