Sunday, July 22, 2012

Florida in the summertime

 So excited to see my best friend Christi, you'd think we'd run out of (slightly inappropriate but hysterically amusing) things to say to each other at some point but we just don't. This pic was taken after Sierra's (slightly overwhelming) tour of UCF. 
Carrie, Sierra and Chritsti

it was like a DS convention

Brayden loving life

Bray again, he had such a blast

Miss Lilly going for a walk on the beach

vanity moment, I actually looked okay in a bathing suit... you know that was making the blog!

Sierra and I on the beach

some bloggers love giant metal chickens, I am more of a plastic alligator... we all have our things :)

And then there was that one day when we let the kids play with cannons and they ended up in jail... wow I hope we never have to say that again ;)

Avery, Brayden, Harrison, Parker and Lilly

"Look sad or mad" umm Lilly is apparently going to be quite the actress, she looks like she is about to cry. 

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