Sunday, July 22, 2012

First stop, doodle town

So I have this great friend Tiffaney, we aren't supposed to be friends... see we met on the internet... because we both bought dogs from the same breeder... which according to my outside sources means either one of us could have been a crazed lunatic. Its a very good thing that was not the case. We love Tiffaney and her husband Steve and the doodles ahh the doodles. 
We love that we get to see them once a year during our summer migration home to my family in Florida.
Casa Del Cassie Bear... okay so its actually Steve and Tiffaney's house

Cassie Bear, Tiffaney, Macie Marie, Maggie and ME...

Rob and I hiding out in the wine room

Kids and doodles enjoying some movie time

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