Monday, August 6, 2012

Metal Chickens really do make for the best day ever

A big thank you to Jenny Lawson, without you I would never have known the joy a metal chicken can bring into ones life. If you are not privy to the amazing story of Beyonce (the chicken not the singer) please catch up on whats going on in the world.

So its been over a year that I have occasionally envied the joy that Beyonce has brought to my favorite blogger and her family. Her Blog was shared with me and I have passed on the laughs through Facebook to others. My husband never checks out the amazing things I am saying on Facebook so he has no idea about Beyonce.  I have seen many MANY chickens during this time, some HUGE some tiny, but I knew it was not the right chicken for my family. When its right you just know it!

For a little back story; slightly stressful 14 hour drive to meet my dad and Linda for a long weekend 'vacation' with 3 of our 4 kids. This 'vacation' is a bit stressful as its actually a highly anticipated road trip to see an amazing specialist for me. With all of our vacation activities underway, and my doctors appointment done, the girls went for a mani pedi date and light shopping while the guys took the boys and did boy stuff.

Lilly's birthday is around the corner so we have heard alot of talk of the things to be included on the birthday list over the last few weeks, all being super girlie items as she is super girlie. Imagine my surprise, and no joke literal swell of emotion, when Lilly exclaimed "I want this for my birthday"

I know right, pretty awesome!

Could it be, here... away from home with a car over loaded with clothes, toys and snacks... could this be my metal chicken?? So we looked at several (yes they had several) and chose the chicken that spoke to us, not literally because that would be crazy.

So with Linda slightly confused but laughing non the less (she obviously isn't checking out all the amazing things I post on Facebook either but she has dial up so I am able to forgive) I collected my chicken and went to pay. At the register I remember I needed underwear and ran back and grabbed some but that is a whole different story (that I have every intention of sharing).

I was so happy that I just knew it was time to share my joy.

The last line is awesome because as I sent the text to Rob that at least I didn't get another dog Linda was responding to my dads text to her (something like "WTH did Carrie do Rob's freaking out") Linda responded along the lines of "honey don't be mad but I am bring home a dog, its not very big and it will be fine"

Linda's dog

I just want to take a minute and say this was a great day. So the guys are freaking out on the way home. My dad is telling Rob there is no way I got a chicken and Rob is telling him, umm yeah it could be likely. Linda and I are breaking out into laughter repeatedly as I rehash Beyonce's story and have to hold back from over Jenny Lawson sharing (can't help it she is just that amazing).

So then a name, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." as we know a name is a big deal, it has to be perfect. Debbie Boone, because this chicken is lighting up my life!!! (and the whole our last name is Boone, but mostly the lighting up my life)

Introducing Rob and Debbie Boone!

I get this look alot from him

Debbie was already growing on him!
Now I will share some more of Debbie Boone getting to know us on our vacation.

reading our Blog to learn a bit about us

getting Lilly lovin

time for bed, I did say Debbie had to lay next to her,
I mean who lets a 3 year old sleep with a metal chicken on  top of them

She is already potty trained

the first photo of Debbie and I, we are road trippin home

Debbie's reaction to the chicken shack fast food place
it was rough

Debbie Boone home at last!!


Anonymous said...

I love you now more than I did before!!! A- I adore Jenny the Bloggess and the chicken and Lilly!!!
fantastic! I was ROFL.
xox mimi

Anonymous said...

I am still giggling and getting strange looks from people who aren't privy to this info . . .

Amy Bew said...

haha, wow, seriously too funny! Now we need pics of what Maggie thought about Debbie! :)

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