Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sprinkler Time

Even on a bad day I can sit and watch the younger kids go crazy in a sprinkler. Its on pretty low for Lilly's benefit, the boys are nice to her (sometimes).

These photos crack me up because the pics represent them at the stage they are right now so well. Now I don't want to label them because as I know first hand having Sierra (almost 18) as soon as you think you have them down they'll throw you a curve ball. Sierra went from preppy cheerleader, to wearing all black emo to country (with some of the best boots ever!) and there were phases even in between those!

Back to my current analysis Lilly is a cheese ball and is more concerned with the possibility of being photographed than the activity (which is why she is often photographed), Parker is a ham, if it gets a laugh its going to be done again (and again) and Brayden, he wants to do everything and anything but hesitates because he has now learned that he can get hurt so he has gone from daredevil to umm...cautious.

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