Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Today is Maggie's Day!

I took Lilly, my free spirited 2 year old, and Maggie, my 6 month old mini goldendoodle, to the Vet's office today after dropping the boys off at school. Our Vet's office is very kid friendly so I have never had a problem taking Lilly with me. Maggie weighed in at just over 22 lbs and healthy as a...well a goldendoodle.

As we were checking out Lilly was behind me dancing to the Holiday music in the lobby when a large black lab decided he didn't like her very much. The black lab pulled at his (or her) owners leash growled and showed teeth at Lilly. Maggie took a step to be infront of Lilly (still a good 2 to 3 feet away from teeth bearing lab) and growled very deep and showed her teeth right back at the lab. Lilly silently started to cry.

All this happened so fast and I scooped Lilly and half drug Maggie out the side door closest to us and drove home telling Lilly it was okay the whole time. I was so taken back because I hadn't heard Maggie make a noise like that and was very proud of her for telling the lab "I don't care what your issues are don't scare my kid!"

So after we got home and settled Maggie got to open an early Christmas gift from her doodle buddy Riley and her mama Marilyn and Maggie also got some extra outside playtime. Having a puppy can be a pain at times but boy Maggie sure has made herself a permanent Boone.

I just got groomed, do you like my nose?


Yes, Maggie is chewing on a reindeer

a smirk

I loooove football!!

okay, any kind of ball!!

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