Thursday, December 23, 2010

An early cabin Christmas

What a wonderful early Christmas week we had in Big Canoe, Georgia with Poppy, Nana and Aunt Sammi. Parker and Sierra started off with antibiotics for a sinus infection and to be honest by the time the week was said and done we were all at one stage or another of major congestion. Tis the Season.

From my back porch looking in at my girls looking out

Poppy and Lilly
 We found out trees are very reasonably priced the week before Christmas! We made all of our ornaments and in one afternoon the cabin was full of Holiday Cheer! I will say I think Rob and Sierra won the crafting award for Christmas 2010.
Sammi fixing the tree

Such a cutie, I love you Parker

Rob making everyones initials for the tree

Nana and Lilly hard at work

Rob with Brayden and Parker for some tickle time

Sierra trying to recover from her killer sinus infection by camouflaging herself in the couch

That was one heck of a turkey Nana!

Finished tree

Sierra thinking she was getting out of the Michael Jackson dance off

nice moves!

Present time!!

 Then it was Twister time!!

Go Nana!!

Little Boone kids booties

Sierra trying to rest here and there

Mom getting in on the action

Then Sierra got in on the action

They called it a tie
We took a short road trip to the Cabbage Patch Hospital. We knew Lilly would be in baby heaven. However to our surprise we learned they are born after the "mother" is induced and given medication for pain, then to beat all the baby is delivered from a hole in a tree... yea it was kind of confusing to say the least. Other than the weird birthing it was great.
Lilly telling everyone to "HURRY UP"


Wilson and Boone's Family Santa Christmas picture

Yeahhh babies

Lilly in heaven

just when i was missing Maggie we found this

Sierra, Queen of CPK Land

Baby Lilly that we watched come into the world...
no I did not buy her...

Lilly not wanting to leave

Lilly regifting herself

Love moment

Nana touching up the tree

Boone Family

at an animal museum... not Sierra's favorite


Nana and Poppy Wilson

Sierra and Lilly in an eye rolling contest

Sammi, Poppy and Nana

photo from a trail, our cabin is in a mountain to the right

 Day trip to Amicalola Falls. We met up at the visitors center where one of the park rangers introduced us to a few owls. Parker's favorite was a red barn owl. Then we visited both the top and bottom of the falls. We skipped the 600 steps to the top of the falls, weather, kids and time were not in our favor. Next north Georgia trip it is on the list of things Rob and I want to do.

Sierra helping the little kids see the top

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