Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fort Desoto Fun!! Some beach, Sammi's B-day dinner, arcade fun and a fire department visit

Parker the Snorkel King 

Poppy the drip sand castle master

Nana time

Lilly and Allie


Lilly and Allie (do you see a trend here...)

Silly Kids :)

Bray, Lilly and Parker getting some Nana time

Samantha, myself and Sierra getting ready for Sam's Birthday dinner


Rays game + junk food = very happy boys

 video games after a movie

Brayden may become a NASCAR driver!

Sierra's vacation lunch of choice

Brayden hitching a ride with Poppy

Go Sierra Go!


Sierra and Lilly were vacation buddies

skipping rocks

yeah, even I got out on the paddle board

 Fire Department trip

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