Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey, Leaves and a Run Away

Must be Thanksgiving...

This year, like every year before it, we had many things to be thankful for. Our family and friends top the list. I was recovering from a respiratory infection so just showering and being a part of Thanksgiving with the crew was something I was thankful for. While Rob was getting everything prepped the little kids and I went outside and found some of our favorite leaves to make an art project.

We talked at the table about the things we wanting to acknowledge appreciation for. As you can imagine Rob being home was the main thing, but with kids you just never know. Parker (7) was thankful for TV because "in the 1800's they didn't even have TV's". Brayden (5), who has celiac disease, was thankful he was allowed to eat bread on Thanksgiving. Sierra (16) saying earlier she was thankful for family and friends also added Facebook (I had to agree). Lilly didn't say much but we knew she was also thankful for bread as she shoved a dinner roll in her mouth, yes the whole thing.

After dinner was cleaned up and desert had been eaten we went outside to play in the much needed to be raked leaves. That was fun and ended up filling almost 2 hours. I am sure Dad's arms will be sore in the morning. Lilly, the queen of 'one more' didn't want to be finished and walked to the neighbors porch in protest. It was very cute and I happened to have the Flip running so I have video of her at the end of the post.

Lilly Parker and Brayden collecting leaves

Sierra and Lilly

Maggie hanging in the kitchen

enjoying the smell of turkey

Bray watching the Grinch

Lilly was ready as soon as we starting putting things out

Lilly still waiting, oven mitts held her off for awhile
Rob carving our Publix baby bird

Rob, Carrie, Lilly, Bray and Parker

then Sierra and Rob switched

Parker and Dad watching some Kung Fu Panda

Lilly and Bray

So fun!

Maggie just watched for a long time

Here is some video, it has some of the leave playing but then when we were all done Lilly decided to run away next door. It was pretty funny.

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