Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rob's Promotion

Rob and Carrie Boone
Sonny and Sharon Fox with Rob and Carrie Boone
Marie, Carrie, Rob and Bill Boone

Boone and Wilson crew

Rob with his parents, Bob and Ellen Boone
Sierra, Carrie, Samantha and Lilly

Bob Boone, Rob, Jim Wilson Brayden and Parker

Carrie and Sierra
Ft. Benning Boone crew

Cold teenagers waiting...
Brayden and Sam

Poppy keeping kiddos busy

Lilly waiting...

Boone boys

Lilly says "my turn"


sweet Lilly

Boone boys  doing some more waiting...

smile Bray

practice smiling

COL Parker and LTC Boone

Rob speaking about what a role model Sonny Fox has been for him

I was so proud of my cake design, no I did not make it though

how do you cut a Patrol Cap cake...


Brayden and Poppy

Boone boys and Poppy


1 comment:

tqueeney said...

Great pictures! So glad family could be there to celebrate with you. Oh and btw...you are one HOT momma!