Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brayden and the Allergist

(photo taken about 2 minutes into the 9 minute test)

Within about 45 seconds he had some reaction to almost everything (50ish) things the tested for. Fortunately alot of things, like peanut, he shows an allergic reaction but he has been exposed with minimal issues.
The big ones are
(inhalants) dust mites 1 and 2 (I didn’t even know there were 2), cat, feathers, roaches
(weeds) dock and sorrel
(trees) oak, pecan, birtch max, hackberry, sweetgum, willow and pine mix
(grasses) bahia, Bermuda, Johnson, timothy and red top
(molds) geotrichum
(foods) cashew, walnut
Other things that didn’t show as bad were ragweed, rye grass, peanut, pecans etc…

Brayden also has Celiac Disease, although they didn’t do the labs for it. After an elimination diet and a HUGE change they said “no allergic reaction so it’s Celiac.” We are also waiting on labs for an immunoglobin disorder, if that is negative it’s to an ENT for tonsils and adenoids to be removed.

He was happy to hear the Allergist say a cat was a big no go but a low to non shedding dog should be just fine. Now we just have to convince dad that goldendoodle and schnoodles are cool ;)

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Melissa said...

Poor thing, at least your getting to the bottom of everything and can make the changes to give the little guy some relief.