Saturday, May 29, 2010

End of the school year!!

Wow it was a crazy day! Parker school drop off at 8:45, Brayden's at 9. Parker's PE award ceremony at 9:15, Parker completed 50 laps at Dexter during K and 1st grade, then Brayden's preschool graduation at 10:30, that was really cute.

Mind you Lilly, very independent rarely in a stroller Lilly, is with me the whole time ;). Then back to the house for lunch and a nap for Lilly. Sierra hung at the house with the younger two and I jetted over to Dexter for Parker's end of the year class party. I was able to be the room mom this year so that was fun.

Lots of pictures, I know you are surprised right ;)

Sweet Lilly

during the ceremony... these are the "serious faces" of a 4 year old boy.

Lilly runs up for a quick hug from Brayden... then several more hugs...from any 4 year old willing to hug her...

My graduate...

Mmmm cake

Then to Parker's crew...

and the tooth that came out after school
in line for some ice cream action

The parents line the walkway on the last day at Dexter. They play music and we clap yell and cheer (and embarrass the kids my dancing to Who Let the Dogs Out) while the all the kids leave to start summer vacation.

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