Thursday, May 20, 2010

The 2 weeks of Parker's surgery

Parker was diagnosed with a hernia, during the ultrasound they also discovered an undescended testicle. After more testing they found a second hernia and it seemed to just go on from there. We knew surgery was necessary but finding someone to perform it, figuring out what hospital and when, it was all very overwhelming since Rob is in Iraq and I pretty much knew there was little to no chance he would make it home in time.

After we finished all the details we met with Dr. Rice in Columbus, GA. He was great! Very easy going and was able to just talk to Parker. So many appointments and tests before that the poor kid was half naked and everyone talked around him. Dr. Rice put us at ease and we had the procedure the next week.

Things were more complicated than we had hoped and the 30 minute surgery took almost 2 and half hours. I was trying to read, then would email Rob from my blackberry, then I just got worried. When they came out to tell me it was taking longer than they had planned but that Parker "would be okay" I was relaxed...for about 2 seconds. What do you mean "would be okay" does that mean not currently okay. I returned some text messages and made a few phone calls, of course one was to Christi, then my High School friend who is now an RN at Children's Hospital in TN. Can you believe I caught her at home mid morning, what are the odds. Friends and Family got me through the wait.

Parker's recovery was longer and more difficult than I had originally planned on but we are right in the guidelines of the procedure he ended up having. We are now in week 3 and he is doing very well. Still isn't supposed to run, jump, kick etc.. but all and all he is doing great. We go back June 9 and will hopefully hear all was a success and he can go back to his 7 year old activities.

Before surgery we brought a new Where's Waldo book and with my blackberry we took and picture of the page and sent it to Rob then took a close up pic of Waldo when we found him.

He was so brave even when they told me I had to leave.

At home he didn't skip a beat with his apatite. Nana Wislon was on 12 hour omelet request shifts.

Lilly and Brayden found time to be adorable.

Lilly's love for food :) When Nana was here is was cheesy eggs then Meem came and made fudge. Lilly loves those grandmas!
And although he would rather be playing soccer or climbing the playground he is still having some fun.

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