Saturday, April 3, 2010

breathing treatments, eggs and a lost and found blackberry

Wow what a week. We have all had head colds and Parker had been constipated so Sierra wanting the day off made the final call to go to the doc since she would need a sick note to excuse the absence.

Well I have found out watching Greys does not make me a doctor. Lilly and Bray had ear infections, we all had strep, both Lilly and Bray were wheezing and Parker wasn't constipated he has a hernia. I think the 5 of us are on 11 meds total.

Parker is trying to take it easy but an active 7 year old boy just isn't made for laying around.

With everyone being sick Easter truly slipped my mind. We are all feeling well enough to get into the spirit. Lilly thought this egg dying thing was CRAZY. First off, she insists they are balls. She signs ball and I sign egg and eat... she looks at me like I am dumb.
My all time favorite is Parker's picture. Sierra and I told them not to use their hands, Parker said he didn't. Love it. I wish I had just laughed instead of the whole 'are you kidding me' frustrated mom thing I do. Oh well, maybe next mishap.

This girl can pick pocket a blackberry in no time flat!

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Melissa said...

Hopefully everybody is feeling better now....