Thursday, October 15, 2009

24 hours from deployment time

24 hours from deployment time is very emotional. We are a pretty typical American family who eat dinner together much more often then not, however after dinner Sierra is in her room with homework or her days drama to text about, Parker and Bray are in the playroom calmly debating the "mineness" of various objects.., I might be with Lilly watching TV while Rob is on hid blackberry with work.. that is how it typically is. 24 hours from deployment time is different, we are together. Without discussing it it just happens, I think it is this way for most military families.

Even Heidi looks sad

Rob and I decided distractions for the kids would be helpful, so 6 hours and counting, off to Toys R Us we went. Each of the kids, minus Lilly, picked out new Wii games. It ended up being a great idea. Lilly grabbed an old movie and claimed that as her "new thing".

Lilly provided loads of entertainment, it was good to laugh.
When Rob went to get in uniform the inevitable was in place and the distractions didn't work for Parker, Sierra and myself. I often had to leave the room, Parker just hung on Rob and didn't want to let go, Sierra kept herself very busy trying to keep everyone happy.
We decided we were in need of another distraction. PIZZA. I placed the order to be delivered within the 30 minute window of when we knew he had to leave. It worked out that the pizza guy pulled up, we got the pizza in (kids doing all kids of yea pizza jigs) and Rob's ride pulled up before I had plates on the table. Rob kissed the kids and me and left promptly.

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