Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leg freak out: Dysautonomia Sucks

The symptoms that are associated with dysautonomia seem to be never ending, so far mine include dizziness, tachycardia, poor motor coordination, brain fog, difficulty swallowing, fainting, fatigue and muscle spasms. This video isn't great quality. If I could go back to when it happened I would have lifted my leg off the ground so its clear that I am not in control of the muscles but it made my foot cramp and at the time it felt like I couldn't lift it off the ground.

I was giving the dog a bath when I felt my thigh tighten slowly and knew it was coming. I had my phone so I hit record. You can't really see it well until the end but it defiantly starts at the thigh and goes down from there. When it starts really going even things that weren't part of the spasm got really tight, like my jaw.

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