Friday, August 5, 2011

Tour of the House

Tomorrow is our Missouri housewarming party and although we are so excited to have new friends over it is bitter sweet that so many friends and family live so far away. Here is the virtual tour of the house for you :)

Okay, I hit every room in the house except the green upstairs kids bathroom and red downstairs powder room which are further down in a different blog post, oh and the laundry room, but who cares about that :)

I know you've already seen the front, but that seemed the best place to start

Then coming in you are greeted by Uncle Sam :)

 and by a certain doodle in the way 

staircase (and Lilly)

 to the left is the dining room (which may be a sitting room)

to the right is the 'computer room'

Lilly's area

Georgia on my mind ...

come in further and find a doodle on the couch...


the family dinning area

and then the messy kitchen

then onto the back yard

then the upstairs hallway

Our master bedroom

out of the way sitting room in our bedroom gave us room for our 2 favorite 
chairs that didn't really fit anyplace else

because what gal doesn't need to 
channel Holly Golightly once in a while...

 master bath
 other side 

then I turn around to an after dessert treat...

Sierra's Room

 The boys room

and Miss Lilly's room


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