Monday, October 4, 2010

A great week

Rob was officially promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, Brayden has recovered from his tonsillectomy, the kids are all healthy, Lilly has a new hobby, its been 75 with sunshine and we have had time for each other. You just don't get weeks as good as this all the time.

Lilly and Bitty waiting for Daddy

Brayden and Lilly at his follow up after surgery.

Lilly's new hobby (unfortunately for me) is her version of "fencing"

This wonderful southern early Fall weather has made for lots of back porch sittin for the Boone crew, Maggie included.

Lilly doing some obedience work with Maggie. I don't know what Lilly says to her but it works.

Then on to some agility training

Although (again) Sierra and I are not in any photos we were not MIA, we are the photographers ;)

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mommy_on_a_mission said...

Just stopped in to see how you all was doing! Glad to see you all are well. I miss seeing your updates on FB.