Monday, February 8, 2010

playground, new hair do.. and yes, Lilly is spoiled

It was a good weekend, the weather has been very cold and rainy so 45 and sunny has a new warm place in my heart. I haven't had the camera out much so it really was fun for all of us.

Sierra got a new hair do, she has left the colors behind for a bit of length. We don't have the extensions in yet but some long hair pictures of Sierra will be here soon.

The little kids and I had some playground fun. To clear the air on how spoiled Lilly is, I assure you my kids are each spoiled rotten. As far as pictures go Lilly will always have more, until she is old enough to run away from her camera toting mother. The older ones are less cooperative, or they can just run and climb farther, point is Lilly is with me so therefore has more photos.


Lilly's face here just cracks me up

"Queen of the slide"

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