Friday, January 22, 2010

Lilly and Bitty

For the back story if you don't know.. or for Lilly herself many years down the road...

Lilly loves baby dolls, I mean I know girls play with them but she goes bananas over them. While at Target a little girl behind us had an American Girl doll and Lilly was squealing and bouncing in the cart reaching for it. The little girl, after prompted by her dad, let Lilly hold it. Lil just hugged her and kissed her head. Of course for how cute that was it was equally horrifying when I had to pry the doll away from Lil.

I had looked at them a few times and was on the fence, that was a big push to the AG side. I called the AG store and had a ton of questions comparing their doll to others with pros cons and such. I was sold after finding that at any time for almost any reason she could visit the AG hospital for anything from a well visit to surgery if needed. So Bitty Twins were the perfect size and had the hair that Lilly loves so much. They were on the way, one to be stored in case of a Bitty emergency.

Bitty closes her eyes when laid down, so Bray and Lil took a nap with Bitty..

Lilly and Bitty waiting to Skype with Daddy.

Upsy daisy goes Bitty

Happy Girl

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Adorable! :) So much fun getting to catch up with you....we seriously need to more often. I have to take notes on teenagerhood from you! :)