Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gearing up for the Holidays

The season started with Clyde, the Elf on the shelf. He arrived in an empty trifle dish. To be honest Clyde didn't have much of an effect on the boys but the book was fun.

Sierra had a wonderful performance with the Columbus School of Music, but I left my camera in the car.. you will just have to trust me that she did incredibly well and looked great too.
Parker had a great Holiday show at school. We were able to get a few pictures after but our seats just didn't allow for any during the show photo opps. They did Hippopotamus for Christmas and brought the house down ;)

My Dad, Lin, Sam and Sandy came for Christmas. Lilly took to Poppy right away.

Nana made pannycakes yeahhh

Sean went to NY for the holidays but we were able to see him before he left.
and the ring ...

Dad and I took Parker to see Polar Express at the IMAX in 3D. It was amazing! We were VIPs and there were only maybe 7 other families inside.

Sisters ...

This section is called "Lilly steals the show"

Parker "The Dog Whisperer". Oh he loves Sandy, she is MUCH calmer than Heidi.

Gingerbread boys and girls

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