Saturday, November 7, 2009

soccer games, parties, guitar and a formal OH MY

Wooohoo what a day. Soccer game at 10, another at 11, soccer party at 12, guitar lessons at 1:30 then a formal at 6. Busy busy day.

Parker is at home in the goalie box

Mom and Parker

Sierra and Lilly came out to cheer on the Lions

Then it was Brayden's game. We were lucky to have Coach Ray for both boys. Ray and Wendy have boys the same ages as Parker and Brayden.

The kids love them some Coach Ray!

Bray is on the far left of one pic and in the center of the other.

Then the formal birthday party. Sierra has a friend turing 15 and what a partA they are throwing! This is Sean, Sierra's long time best friend and newly announced boyfriend.

"K mom, enough pictures"

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