Monday, September 7, 2009

Mountain Vacaction

Our Mountain vacation, well let me start with the view. It was AMAZING! There is a creek that runs behind the cabin that makes the most wonderful sound I have ever heard. Lilly spent every minute she could on the porch looking at the creek. She and I even saw a deer run through it. The boys were impressed with the cabin for all of 10 minutes. We later decided 6 and 3 year old boys who compete over everything does not a relaxing vacation make. Sierra was thrilled to vacation somewhere other than the beach. The mountains were much more her style, plus she found a new love for antique shopping.

The first day we were in Ellijay we decided to find downtown and take a look. There was antique shopping, a wonderful cafe for a coffee stop, old style candy and free fudge samples for the kids, everyone was happy (for a few minutes at each place anyway). Sierra found some antique cameras that we were able to somewhat surprise her with for her birthday. She also found a very cool gift for a friends birthday.

Although we were a week away from apple season the apple orchards were all a buzz. We went to Hillcrest where they have a petting zoo as well as everything apple you could think of. Other than the apple donuts this was not Sierra's favorite day. Brayden was right at home in the petting zoo. He had no hesitation in holding a baby chick or petting goats. Parker and I were much more cautious.

Then day three brought pumpkins, and the largest pumpkins I have ever seen too. The pumpkin farm had some pumpkin bread as well as apple bread that was very yummy. The local farm also had corn on the cob that was perfect. Farm life may not be for me but I did appreciate the food!
All and all it was a great trip and the kids and I are already talking about going back over the holidays.

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Alena said...


I am so glad yall had a great vacation. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL. They make me want to get in the car and drive to the mountains!