Sunday, March 8, 2009

!!!Soccer!!! to keep score or not to keep score

Both boys won the first game of the season!! I know we aren't supposed to be keeping score, a very silly idea in my opinion.. as if the kids don't know if they scored or not.

Brayden's team was very focused for 3 and 4 year olds, Brayden actually yelled clear as day "Its your fault!" at the ref when Brayden kicked it out. Pretty funny. Oh and a kid from the other team was frustrated and picked the ball up and threw it in the net. Lots of laughs.

Parker's game was much more intense! His team won 4-0 Parker scored 2 of the 4 and had the assist on a 3rd. Parker really brought his A game. He also cheered his teammates on the whole time saying "we got to be in it to win it", a slogan line heard once at his Aunt Samantha's soccer game years ago that really stuck with him.

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