Monday, January 12, 2009

Lillian's 4 month check up

weighs 14lb and 6 ox (70%)
height 24 3/4 (75%)

She can do all the fun things a four month old can do, like...
rolling, reaching and grabbing things, laughing and smiling.
Looks like later this week Lillian will have her first solid food, Rob is out of town so we will wait for him :)

When Sierra was 4 months she was 10lbs 2oz
Parker was 15lbs 9oz and 26in
Brayden was 17lbs 2oz and 26in

If you click on the last picture of Lilly you can see her tooth that is in.


Anonymous said...

I see that tooth! She is growing up too fast.

Alena said...

I love that little drooly smile.