Sunday, December 28, 2008


Christmas was great this year. We went to Texas to be with Rob's family, so with all family holidays we have some stories and photos to share.

On the way there Parker was talking (alot) and in one of his epiphanies decided being a spy would be a great job for him. We then narrowed down a career with the CIA. Then he was quite for awhile and said he would need an Army guy to go with him because spy work should be done in cursive and he couldn't write in cursive yet.

This portion of the Boone family is now 19 strong with Bob and Ellen Boone sitting at the head of the table with four grown children (Marti, Meredith, Rob and Chasie) two son in laws (Jerry and Robert) and one daughter in law (ME) and ten grandchildren (Sierra, Grey, Hope, Parker, Halle, Logan, Brayden, Ethan, Reid and Lillian). Hard to believe someday Rob and I will be so blessed.

With that many people coming together there were a few challenges. Braydens lack of sleep adding emphasis on his already willful personality was our biggest challenge. He was a pistol. All the kids walked away with great memories. Parker is naming a tennis match on the Wii with his Pop Boone as his favorite, next is tag as well as hide and seek with his cousins and watching football with his Uncle Jerry. Sierra found a new level of friendship with Grey who is just a year behind her. Brayden is just in awe of his cousin Halle, he even ran to Halle Christmas morning before the gifts. Lilly was a doll and enjoyed everyone as much as they enjoyed her. She found a soft place to sleep in her Aunt Chasie's arms.

On the drive home poor Parker got sick in the back of the car (and poor Sierra was sitting next to him). After dealing with that we had what seemed like the most potty breaks in a 10 hour period ever. We are now happy to be home were we have rearranged the playroom to make room for all the new loot and I am editing some 300 pictures.
Below are picture of Sierra and Grey at the Christmas party, Halle and Brayden from the family picture session, Grey and Logan during a wicked game of hide and seek, and Aunt Chasie holding Baby Lillian. More to come...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you guys look great and very happy!

what part of Texas where ya'll in?

I love all the pictures, you guys looked like ya'll had a blessed Christmas with your loved ones.

the kids and Sierra are getting so big.

take care you,