Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bray's birthday

Bray wanted pizza and cookies for his birthday so that's what we had. I still cannot believe he is three. He loved opening gifts, I think he will have a hard time tomorrow when it is no longer his birthday.


Anonymous said...

Hope and I have had so much fun looking at all of these pictures! She says she can't wait to see everyone and to hold Lilly! The kids are so PRECIOUS! Tell Rob that Hope made him something at school for Veterans Day. I will hopefully get it in the mail this week. Love you all

Alena said...

Happy Birthday to Bray and I love the new blogger skin.

Jan Tyre said...

Enjoyed so much! Thank you for letting me know.... I think you should go professional with the Photography! Hugs to all the kids and you and Rob too! Love Aunt Jan